Businesses are built on words. Your business name itself is made of words. Your vision statement, goals and slogan are all built on words. Your flyers, product descriptions and webpage are all, you guessed it, built on words.

The job of a copywriter is to find what is exceptional about your business and put it in words that get you results.

You know what’s great about your business. You believe in it. You go above and beyond to make your clients happy. If only there was some way you could convince new people of this so that they give you the chance to prove it!


That’s where mwa, your friendly copywriter comes in.

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You know that feeling when you just can’t put what you want to say into words? You try to, but it falls flat, and then, someone else gets what you mean and says it perfectly? That’s what copywriters like me do for businesses.

But how will hiring a copywriter add value to my business?

Take a moment and think about how much of your time and money goes into getting people to land on your website each month.


I’m guessing that figure is in the thousands, easy. And then it starts to pay off, you’re getting traffic…and then what? Not to be a kill joy, but is there much point generating traffic if your site doesn’t convince anyone of anything?


Your SEO is only as good as your website copy (and vice-versa). If you can communicate your unique value in a convincing and entertaining way, those leads you generate are going to move through your sales funnel instead of dropping out of it right there.


I’m thinking it might be easier (and cheaper) to do this copywriting thing myself

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  • Staring at a blank screen for days

  • Feeling pretty sure that what you’ve written kind of sucks

  • Getting scary bad, or no results

  • Cleaning your whole house and office and

       then your co-workers house and office as you procrastinate tirelessly


You know who to call, GHOSTBUSTERS!


I’m kidding. Sorry, I can’t help myself. Call me, I promise I will help you.

That’s a great idea! Copywriting is a great skill that everyone should learn.

Just try it. You might get great results. But if you get stuck:

That’s all great Emily, but why should I hire you as my copywriter?

Because I don't just write copy.

I'm only interested in doing what I know works for my clients, and knowing what works is a skill that goes beyond copywriting. I like to work with my clients to figure out exactly what is going to help them achieve their goals, and it's not always what you might think it is.

If you ask for a blog package of 20 blogs and I know I can achieve the same results, at a fraction of the price, with social media ads, I'm going to tell you.


Apart from all this, I do a great job, on time, every time and I’m super easy to work with.

But mostly, I just love getting to know people who are passionate about what they do. This helps me figure out exactly what makes your business unique so that I can make sure everyone who finds you figures it out too.

If you're looking for more info about what a copywriter does, here's some helpful info: 


If you believe in your products and services, I want to work with you. Get in touch with me, tell me about yourself and your business and let’s get to work!

What is a Copywriter?