Copywriting Rates

So, you want to know what it’s going to cost? I get it. 


You don’t really know anything about copywriting, so it’s hard to trust someone with it.


You’d like someone to help you; you’d love to not create your own content; you need a website. You want the reassurance that your project is in the hands of a skilled professional who will make it work.




What does that matter if you can’t afford it?


Well, you can afford it. And not because I’m cheap (mind you, I’m not overly expensive either). But because we always find the money for the things we value, sometimes against all odds.

Let’s rephrase this question of cost

because it’s actually a question of value.



Do you really see value in having your project done to a high standard? If you are creating a website, or running ads, or writing a blog, but you honestly don’t believe it’s going to make a difference for you, you’re not going to want to pay money for it. Unless it’s pretty cheap or free, you’ll decide it’s not that important. 


We pay what we feel a service is worth.


So my first piece of advice here is to make sure you’re looking for a copywriter because you already know the importance of what you need. 


You know it’s going to make the difference you’ve been looking for.


I can tell you that if you have a website that’s hardly convincing, looks unprofessional, is hard to navigate, looks like everyone else’s and provides no relevant information for your target audience, it won’t help your business at all, but it will still cost you money each year and will probably harm your reputation.


If you have an excellent website that gets no traffic, again, it will be a cost to your business that doesn’t generate ROI. 


And it’s the same for all of your marketing. If it sucks, it won’t work, and then you’ll think it’s because the channel you’ve used doesn’t work when really it’s just been executed poorly.

Things that suck don’t work. So don’t do things by halves that suck. Simple.


Again, I understand.


Online marketing is overwhelming; everyone says to do this and that and join the latest social media platform, and you have to have a presence and blah blah blaaaaahh.


Surely there’s an easier way?


Well. Not really.


But here’s the thing. 


Sometimes you need help with the right strategy first, and I can connect you with great marketing strategists.


And maybe, if you really don’t see the value in hiring a copywriter, you need to spend a little time going it alone to see if you’re right. Maybe you can get enough leads to your business without hiring a professional service. And if so, that’s wonderful!


But, if you realise that you need to do this marketing thing, and you need to do it properly, and you need to invest in your business and have a team around you to make it all so you can get results, and results don’t just randomly happen one day out of the blue. We are ready to talk.


Maybe I should try Fiverr?

Isn’t that what everyone does?

Before you go down this path, please allow me to explain and hopefully save you from much grief.


You know my graphic designer friend makes quite a reasonable income just fixing peoples botched logos that came from Fiverr. 


True story.


They always need to be started again from scratch, of course.


But maybe you can get a 2000 word blog or a whole website for $5? You’ve heard of people doing this, and it worked out great, so maybe you should give it a go and see what it’s all about?




If you honestly find a copywriter on one of these platforms that can work to a professional standard, I feel genuinely sorry for them. Because they shouldn’t be racing themselves to the bottom on Fiverr, they should be working professionally, with their own business charging professional rates. They are worth more.


So if you magically find a rare being like this, don’t expect them to hang around for long. Hopefully, they will realise their worth soon and start charging appropriately.

I used to think Fiverr was an absolute sham. And I still kinda think it is, but then I spoke to my friend who works in social media, and he gave me another view.


He said that those cheap online “job boards” are not for people from western, English speaking countries, but they do work really well for people where the dollar conversion from Australia, America and Europe is so high that $10 AUD an hour is a very healthy wage for them.


And so I get that too. Why not take that route if you can compete on price like that? It’s the smart thing to do and power to them.




If your audience is primarily English speaking and you need copy, you will almost certainly need someone fluent in English, with all its slang, colloquialisms and...well...colours...(especially if you’re Aussie, we’ve a special type of crass English here). 


You see what I’m saying? It’s probably going to be hard to find someone on Fiverr who’s professional and fluent in English because if they were, they likely wouldn’t be on Fiverr.


But who knows. Feel free to give it a try if you really want to. It’s a free country.

What do you get for your money with me?

Here are a few things:


  • My friendly personality and genuine interest in you and your business

  • My advice on the right way to execute your project to get the best results

  • 1 hour of briefing time, like an interview, where I learn all about your business and what you need so I can tailor your copy to your unique situation

  • Fast, clear communication and regular updates

  • Work done on time, every time (I’ve never submitted work late - ever)

  • 2 rounds of amends, so there’s plenty of scope for changes to the first draft

  • My thick skin. You can honestly tell me what you think; I won’t cry. My priority is delivering quality work, not protecting my ego

  • Proofreading and editing

  • My overall knowledge of marketing and SEO

  • My connections, so if you need work outside the scope of what I do, I’ll connect you with the right people, saving you time and many headaches

  • SEO optimisation for all website copy as part of the cost

  • Keyword research when necessary

  • A healthy working relationship (I’m super easy to work with)


And, of course, your copy.



What do you actually charge Emily?


Well, that all depends on what you need and how quickly you need it. 


Yep, that’s right; I can’t tell you until we talk about it.


But, I hope this helps you consider the value of your branding (yes, your copy is a crucial part of your branding) so that you can get lots of leads and new business and live happily ever after.


So, give me a call and let’s chat :)