A bit about Digital Emily's copywriting services

Content Writing

Boost your SEO.


Become a thought leader in your industry.

Promote your business with ebooks, blogs and articles.


SEO Copywriting

Get found in Google.

Turn leads into customers.

Be the "thank God" moment in your customers day. 


Wondering how to keep your blog up to date?


Get engaging SEO content that's written by me but sounds exactly like you.

Sadly, blogs don’t write themselves.


Email’s don’t work if they don’t hit the spot.


Facebook ads don’t get read if they don’t connect.


Websites don’t get seen on page 348574938765926 of Google. 


And who has time to do all of this themselves?




Let’s say it again for the people in the back.




So if you’re ready to outsource this work, I’m ready to start helping you succeed.


I’m a qualified, experienced SEO copywriter.


This means I have studied marketing, SEO and copywriting and regularly write for businesses to help them grow.

I write for businesses of all sizes in all industries - but my areas of specialisation are digital marketing, SEO, online business, creative arts and of course, copywriting. 


Other things you can expect are quick turnaround times, friendly phone calls, regular communication and copy that you love.

Digital Emily brand asset Copywriter Sydney

To find out more about working with me, I've created a roadmap to help you understand the process.

P.S. have a great day!