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SEO Copywriting Sydney.

So, you don't like writing about yourself.

Maybe you don't have time, have no idea what to say and just hate the process altogether. 

You need a copywriter who can step into your shoes, find the right words and not be embarrassed to talk you up in a genuine but powerful way.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE doing this for others.

Do you need a reliable SEO copywriter? Wonderful! That's me!


Or, maybe you’re a business owner wondering why you keep paying for a website that does...nothing much for you?


If you'd like to get found online and accomplish more with your content marketing, you've come to the right place.


I write copy that makes people want to know more about your brand. I also optimise on-page SEO, which means more people will find you in Google.


If you'd like to know more, contact me for a free website health check or read some info about how I work. 


My Copywriting Services

Content Writing

I write SEO optimised website content for:



Social media


SEO Copywriting

Persuasive copy for:

Web pages/landing pages

E-mail marketing

Video script writing

Social media ads


My writing in your name for:




Lesley Fensom

Kyoti Graphic Design

Amit Jain

Broadcast SEO

Kirin Khatra

Kilarra & Associates

Emily is so passionate and great at what she does. Super attentive to detail and understands the client’s needs. I highly recommend her to anyone needing quality work.

Emily is a great partner to work with. She understands the content requirements with great detail and takes out time to research topics to write for our clients. Highly recommend her.

Emily is amazing! She is incredibly talented at copywriting and goes above and beyond!


Some of my fabulous clients


I'm an Australian based professional copywriter

and a digital marketing graduate of the Australian Institute of


So, not only do I write fabulous copy,

I can also help you find the best platforms and strategies to boost your online presence.

I'm easy going, great at communicating and always meet deadlines.

If you are ready to invest in growing your business, give me a call (or email) today.

About me

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I have seen Emily's work and I'm impressed. She really listens to my client's needs and delivers beautifully. Highly recommend.

Emily is a fantastic copy writer. Especially to take advantage of SEO. Highly recommended!

Emily is passionate about her work and it shows in the articles she has written for my company. She always respects the deadlines and her research is thorough. The content she comes up with is original and insightful. I will keep doing business with her as long as I can!

What I can do for you 

Need website content/ blogs?

My content is informative. Every word adds value for the reader. I have a zero-fluff policy, so all of my articles are jam-packed with resources and statistics (and as much quirky, professional or authoritative personality as you like!).

Anyone can quote facts, what I do is educate your audience with interesting content that keeps them coming back for more.

This is what makes website copy stand out. If this is what you’re after, I’m your girl.  


I can also help you optimise your site for on-page SEO to improve your websites ranking in search engines. 

So, If you want to:

  • Show up in Google

  • Increase your sites dwell time

  • Drive traffic to your webpage

  • Increase social media engagement

  • Increase your authority in your niche


I'm your copywriter.

Need to sell stuff and attract leads?

Did you know that on average we are exposed to 6,000 - 10,000 ads per day? 

This means that your offer needs to stand out without sounding like a sleazy, used car salesman. I do crazy things like reading junk mail, watching ads and studying long books about both so that I can deliver the type of writing that gets results.


Here's my formula:

Find your audience - start a conversation - ​show what you offer - get results. 

If this is what you need, I'd love to help! Don't be shy, give me a call today and tell me more about your business!


Like graphic design, website design, off-page SEO campaigns. I work with a tight network of professionals in the digital marketing space so that my clients don't have to run around like chooks with no heads trying to find quality services from each corner of the globe.

We can all agree that sourcing every element of your content in different places sucks. It wastes sooooo much time. So please, if you need other services to make your project complete, let me know and I will make it all happen for you.


Contact me with your ideas,

let's make them happen!

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